What is KINS?

Maintain the right balance of bacteria
and let your body thrive.

It is estimated that there are about 1,000 trillion indigenous bacteria in our surroundings. If we can control them well, we will be able to regulate the wonderful power that we naturally have. Through one-to-one communication on social media and dietary supplements, KINS proposes a lifestyle where bacteria are kept in proper balance so that the "body thrives".


Sanitisers, gluten, and preservatives.
These are some hidden pitfalls of everyday life.

In today's world, many of the foods we eat and products we use can upset the optimal balance of bacteria. We may be so focused on getting rid of harmful bacteria that we eliminate the bacteria that are beneficial to us. Gluten-filled breads and pastas, and preservative-laden snacks and convenience store foods can compromise the function of our gut, which is so important to our beauty and health. These daily habits can lead to bacterial imbalances, which in turn can lead to illness and disease.


We aim to find fundamental solutions not just treatment

Unlike prescribing painkillers for pain, we aim to understand the mechanism itslef and to tackle the root course of the symptoms. We believe that it can be achieved with the power of bacteria. Our products are her to help you achieve a healthier state both inside and outside.

KINS brand is based on my own experience in the medical industry and learnings through research. Through our “microbiome KIN care”, we hope to enhance beauty and wellness.

President, KINS Ltd.
Yutaka Shimokawa

Support Member

Consultant Physician

Itaru Dekio

Certified Dermatologist, Japanese Dermatological Association
Lecturer in Dermatology, School of Medicine, Tokyo Jikei University

I resonate to the approach of KINS and its methodology based on scientific data is important in the quest to find truly effective skincare.