What is KINS WITH?

Keep your pet's microbiome in check, for a long, healthy and happy life..

Your pet can be a good friend, an important partner and an irreplaceable part of your family. The best thing is for them to live happily and in good health forever.

What KINS WITH proposes is a new lifestyle to "regulate the body from the inside by maintaining a healthy bacterial balance". Through one-on-one communication and supplements, we help to maintain the proper balance of the approximately 1,000 trillion bacteria that interact with dogs and cats.


How to look for signs of any trouble/health issues your pets might be having

As humans, we are able to comunicate how we are feeling, however, that is not the case with dogs and cats. We need to be aware of the little signs that appear if they are not feeling well every day. Diarrhea, loss of appetite, itching, bad breath... All of these can be caused by their diet and lifestyle. Many of the foods and products we casually take in can upset the optimal bacterial balance in animals. The accumulation of bad habits can greatly disrupt the bacterial balance as well.


KINS WITH also aims to solve the problem at the root, not just to treat the symptom.

KINS WITH was developed from KINS' concept of Microbiome Care, a brand made for people. The idea behind KINS WITH is to help you improve your pet's lifestyle so that they can stay healthy forever. By controlling the state of the bacteria to the right balance, we allow the bacteria to work optimally with the body. We also support your dog's or cat's lifestyle by providing microbiome-friendly products, test kits and lifestyle advice.


  • 株式会社KINS代表 下川 穣
    KINS Co., Ltd. CEO
    Yutaka Shimokawa

    What led us to start KINS WITH was an unexpected event when one of our customer's dogs apparently became 'much healthier and in good shape' after taking the KINS supplements, which were originally mde for humans. This made us realise that Microbiome Care is in fact important for pets as well. Of course, there are still many unknowns about the health of dogs and cats. As a brand specialising in Microbiome Care, we will strive to make the concept of "bacteria and health" a common concept for humans and pets, so that they can live a longer, healthier life.

  • 顧問医師 安 亮磨
    Veterinarian Advisor
    Ryoma Yasu

    Veterinarian (General Practice, Dentistry) / Director of the Association for the Promotion of Animal Preventive Medicine

    Compared to 30 years ago, the environment surrounding animals has greatly improved and their average life expectancy has increased dramatically. We want to spend as long and as healthy a life as possible with our precious partners. In order to achieve this goal, we believe that it is necessary to maintain the health of our animals on a daily basis. In recent years, a lot of attention has been paid to "microbiome care" such as intestinal activity.

    Although the research and application of microbiome care in animals is not yet as advanced as in humans, I am convinced that in the next 10 years it will become the key for protecting the health of animals. Microbiome care should be the norm for both humans and animals as a family. I am looking forward to working with the professionals behind KINS, which has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Can't wait to share our innovative ideas and products, and deliver them to many more owners and animals!