What form does KINS WITH SUPPLEMENT come in? How does it taste like?

KINS WITH SUPPLEMENT comes in fine powder form, and is virtually tasteless and odorless.
There are five flavours included: white meat, tuna, pumpkin, goat milk, and banana, and you can change the flavours accordingly to your pet's preference.

How should I give KINS WITH SUPPLEMENT to my pets?

Sprinkle the recommended amount* of KINS WITH SUPPLEMENT on rice or snacks, or mix it with yogurt.
You can also mix with the enclosed flavors (chicken, tuna, pumpkin, goat milk, banana) to create your pet's favorite taste.

*For recommended use, use the spoon provided to feed the following amount per day.
-Small dogs and cats (up to 5 kg): 2 spoons
-Medium-sized dogs (5-15 kg): 3 spoons
-Large dogs (from 15 kg): 4 spoons

How old should my pets be to start taking KINS WITH SUPPLEMENT?

Dogs and cats can be fed after weaning (from 6 months of age).
Please kindly consult your veterinarian before using KINS WITH SUPPLEMENT for your pets with dietary restrictions.

Can my pets who have food allergy take KINS WITH SUPPLEMENT?

As some of the ingredients contain soybeans, please do not feed if your pet is allergic to soy.
Also, kindly consult your veterinarian if your pets have any food allergy to grains, milk, or other foods, or other serious allergy.

Can I give my pet KINS WITH SUPPLEMENT with other medication?

Basically, KINS WITH SUPPLEMENT is food, so there is no problem if it is used in combination with medications.
Please consult your veterinarian if there is any concern.

Can I give my pets KINS WITH SUPPLEMENT with other supplements?

It is safe to use KINS WITH SUPPLEMENT with other supplements.
However, please adjust according to your pet's stomach condition.

Is it safe to take KINS WITH SUPPLEMENT if my pets have underlying disease or health conditions?

It can also be used without problems by pets with underlying medical conditions.
Please consult your veterinian if you have any concern on this matter.

How should I store KINS WITH SUPPLEMENT?

Please avoid direct sunlight or storing at environment with high temperature and high humidity.
After opening, kindly store it tightly closed and airtight to prevent moisture absorption by the product.